Judy Lopez Foundation Board

The Judy Lopez Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation (501(c)(3) entity) founded in 1985 and registered with the State of California.  Current board members are Joan and Jeff Slottow, Lou Carter Keay and Coco Lopez Anagnostakis.

Here is a list of the founders of the Foundation and all of the past and present board members.

Desda Slottow Desda Slottow Desda, mother of Judy Lopez,  was one of the founders of the Foundation and the award. She organized all the initial award ceremonies. She remained dedicated to the award for the rest of her life.
Ralph Slottow Ralph Slottow Ralph, father of Judy Lopez, was one of the founders of the Foundation and the award and he served on the Foundation board for many years.
Ami Kirby Ami Kirby In addition to being one of the original board members, Ami headed the initial book selection committees.  For a number of years she held a pre-award party at her home the evening before the award ceremony so that the authors, selection committee members and board members could meet each other.
Lou Carter Keay Lou Carter Keay Lou has been on the JLMF board for most of its history. She served as its president for many years and is currently the JLMF secretary.
Jeff Slottow Jeff Slottow Jeff has been a board member and the treasurer for many years. He is also the liaison between the JLMF and the WNBA/LA.
Coco Lopez Anagnostakis Coco Lopez Anagnostakis Coco, Judy’s daughter, was an early book reviewer, was a member of the board several times and is the current vice president.
Joan Slottow Joan Slottow Joan is currently the president and webmaster of the Foundation.
Hadassa Gilbert   Past board member.
Miriam Bass   Past board member.
Margaret Grundstein   Past board member.
Jane Withers   Past board member.
Candace Lynch   Past board member.
Bob Higgins   Past board member.
Loretta Hess   Past board member.
Gray Johnson Poole   Past board member.
Caroline Gill   Past board member.