Judy Lopez

The Judy Lopez Memorial Award for Children’s Literature, cosponsored jointly by the Judy Lopez Memorial Foundation and the Women’s National Book Association/Los Angeles Chapter, is a tribute to the late Judy Lopez, a founding member of the chapter, who loved books and was deeply interested in seeing that children have access to quality literature.

Judy Lopez Judy Lopez Judy Lopez Judy Lopez holding Coco Judy Lopez

Judy Lopez was born Dec. 22, 1947, in the state of Washington, the daughter of Desda and Ralph Slottow.  She attended both Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Washington and University High School in Los Angeles, graduating in 1966. She was married to Bret Lopez and had one daughter, Coquille Nicole (“Coco”).  She died April 6, 1985 of pulmonary hypertension with Gaucher’s Disease as a contributing factor.

Judy was the publisher’s representative for Random House, first in the Northwest and then in Southern California and parts of the Southwest. She also worked at one time in the book store that is on the California State University, Los Angeles campus and at Book Soup, the legendary independent book store in West Hollywood.  She was one of the initial employees of that store.

In 1975 Judy was a founding member of the Women’s National Book Association, Los Angeles Chapter.

Judy Lopez Loved Books